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Mr. Herman Ross
Auburn, Washington

12-day London to Normandy review

She was able to answer all my questions on the spot during my first call, and everything that I thought of afterwards too.

Very complete. I especially appreciated the suggested reading and viewing list.

NLW: very nice room and great location for where we went. Occasionally, dining room service a bit slow. HNB: excellent location, combo tub/shower would be awkward for many to climb in and out of.

Truly, absolutely no complaints or unmet expectations.

I was delighted with the overall value of the tour experience and look forward to continuing the trail of the Band of Brothers in the future. You can be sure BBoB has my highest recommendation to anyone who asks.

The Dover restaurant seemed utterly unprepared for us, notwithstanding they had virtually no other diners when we arrived. The lunch stop in Portsmouth was a stand-out, as was the lunch stop on Utah Beach day. Except for Dover lunch, all our meals were tasty and inviting.

As I'm sure you'll hear from the other participants, both Zoltan and Peter were solid professionals that provided worry free transportation with quiet excellence.

His French viewpoint added great value, and he was everything one could want a local guide to bring.

As with the Juno sights, it added valuable insight to the totality of Overlord.

I'll include the BoB memorial at Capel-le-Fern when I consider this one of the highlights of the tour.

Another great balance of time available to things to see. Really added to my understanding of the BoB.

Simply because I'm only tangentally interested in the code breaking aspects of the way, this site didn't hold as much interest for me. The site itself gets high marks for interpretative material in the exhibits.

Absolutely not to be missed for understanding the BoB as well as the air war over Europe. Great Cold Way exhibits too.

Very moving. Highest marks to the Assistant Superintendent (I think) who gave the tour.

Another great selection for a site to put the BoB in perspective. Once more, very good choice of how much time we had there.

One of those things you'd likely never see unless you were with some like BBoB. The curator's talk was outstanding.

As noted earlier for his tour-guiding, Robert was exceptionally well organized and always ready to answer any question. He's very personable and represents BBoB well.

Appropriate time allowed for the self-guided tour. While not at all related to the BoB, it was a great way to expand on our visit to Portsmouth.

Not as expansive as I would have guessed. I had ample (but not too much) time to see and read about the exhibits.

I would have missed so much if I had not added this to my BoB tour. So memorable! I have to put at the top of this section the time we spent at Brecourt Manor. One more example of value BBoB brings that others can't match. The selection of the many available museums available suited the three days we had perfectly. Another key experience was standing on the beach at about the tide line faced by our troops on that day, seeing the bluffs over the beach, then walking up them to the memorial at the top. Absolutely not an experience to miss for anything.

Not everything can get 5 full stars. This would have added little value without the 360 degree video experience included in the tour.

Short visit but to the point. Even though we were a US tour group, adding the British and Canadian beaches truly rounded out my understanding of Overlord.

It added a excellent value to my understanding of how London is laid out. I also appreciated the flexibility we had to do our own touring afterward.

Not only did she do an outstanding job in bringing context and understanding to the BoB memorial and Dover castle, but the way she engaged with us on the bus trip out and back to Wembly was equally valuable. A real keeper!

Very knowledgeable, and also very open to letting tour members add what they knew about the sites we saw.


Customer service






Procom overall

October 4, 2017

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