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Mr. Russell Eric Moore
El Cerrito, California

16(+1)-day Pearl Harbor to Okinawa review

The process was easy.

The information was pretty good. The itinerary before the trip was different from what we were given during the trip however. Although minor, it was a little confusing for plans for your free time.

Ohana advertised workout facilities and pool but what they had was limited. Hilton Guam and Fiesta Resort were great. Double Tree was pretty good although hotel restaurant was limited.

Was overall very happy with tour.

I would recommend the first 2 legs of the tour: Hawaii, Guam/Saipan and Tinian because you learn a lot and see some great sites. I would not recommend the Okinawa tour-there isn't really enough to see and the quality of the local guides were overall not great.

Meals were ok. Never a huge fan of hotel buffets but the restaurants we went to were mostly great.

Would have liked to see Camille step in with the guide Chris to talk to him about his pacing/talking too much, etc. I know she asked him to talk a little slower and that helped a little. The tour overall felt like it was well organized under Camille and I was never confused about where I needed to be or when. Here and there it would have been nice for Camille to say what was coming next each day-we had our itineraries but not everyone carried them and during the day it would be nice to know what is happening next more often. That might just be me though.

Camille was great and the tour went very smoothly overall.

Must See.

A great hike and views. Although not WW2 focused I enjoyed this. This list doesn't include Fort deRussy which I thought was a really good stop.

Another must see with the signing ceremony deck and the exhibits downstairs.

Great collection, well laid out. One of my favorite stops of tour.

This was fun although only minimally WW2 themed.

The history, bunkers, caves, and museums of Guam were great. Guam was a good mix of different kinds of sights and most were very good. Some fo the natural beauty of Saipan that wasn't Ww2 related was fun too.

Saipan had several great sites and the Sherman Tanks off the beach was another highlight of the trip. The plane ride to Tinian and the exploration of the runways and other items associated with the Atomic Bombing of Japan were good sights.

Ok. Good knowledge. Bad sense of timing. Couldn't read the tour group very well.

Best guide by far. Great knowledge. Great personality. Fun.

The Museums of Okinawa were great but the battle sites were not. There isn't much left and so not much to see. Everything is so overgrown and developed that it is hard to appreciate.


Good guide


Driving through the cemetery made this almost a waste of time.

Terrible Guide. Talked too fast, way too much and in detail that no one was really interested in. Didn't let us walk around and explore much and didn't manage time well. When we got to things we liked-like a museum, we were out of time because he had talked so much before. Also seemed to lie and exaggerate. He did have a lot of knowledge though.

Mark was better than Chris and I wish he could have been our guide for the whole Okinawa trip. Good knowledge. Good pacing.


Customer service






Procom overall

Very Good
December 24, 2017

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